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Searching for Connection

Posted by Brian Haynes on

It is easy to get up in the morning, get the kids ready for school, go to work, come home have dinner and get ready for bed and never make a real connection.  Even as a life long believer in Jesus Christ we can go about our day and simply never even connect with the creator and sustainer of the life that we are trying so hard to live.

I find that each day I have to consciously choose to slow down and engage.  I have to choose to take time in God's Word; opening and engaging with the text and the Holy Spirit.  I have to choose to engage with my kids which means not only asking questions, but sincerely listening.  And I have to choose to engage with my wife which means I need to learn what is important to her (what makes her tick) and with a sincere heart try to make it a point to love her sacrificially each day.  And finally, I need to choose to engage with co-workers and friends.  Some of whom don't know Jesus.  That means I need to take the time to hear what is important to them; hear their struggles, hurts, joys, and hopes.

With each engagement I should be taking these people to God in prayer.  Each one needs to be lifted up.  Each fear, struggle, hope, and joy that we hear is an opportunity to communicate with God, praying for and alongside those people He has placed in our life to connect with.

So, if you are finding that at the end of your day you're missing something or someone.  Try slowing down!  Connect with people, engage with them, and always, always bring God into every moment.


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