Family Bible Church

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On May 22, President Trump issued a declaration that Churches are considered “essential services.” We are excited by the opportunity to begin the process of moving back to regular in person meetings. However, we are anxiously waiting on our Governor’s response. The state’s rights issue has not been resolved. More importantly, there are many steps necessary to insure the safety of one and all when we begin to regather. The staff has been planning and moving in that direction in anticipation of this change. We did not expect things to move so quickly. Sanitation materials have been ordered, but are not due to arrive for a couple more weeks. We do not yet know the precise guidelines for all facets of safe opening for those at greatest risk, for our children, etc. We are meeting and working on the plans to insure as safe a reopening as possible. Please be patient and keep an eye on the church website and Facebook page for information.
God Bless, Pastor Ron




July 13-17

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