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AWANA: an international, Bible based children’s club, emphasizing Scripture Memorization, organized games, uniforms, Biblical storytelling and generous, often candy oriented, rewards. A sanctioned ministry of Family Bible Church, AWANA meets on Tuesday and Sunday evenings throughout the school year. $33 registration fee for each clubber, plus book/uniform costs. All Leaders and Directors are volunteers and do not need to attend FBC in order to help, but are required to fill out background check forms and attend training.

Cubbies: A two year program, Tuesdays, 6:30-8 PM. Clubbers must be 3 by August 31st of the current year, limited by available space & high adult to child ratio requirements. (limited volunteers = smaller club.) Cubbies sing, watch puppet shows, memorize simple Scripture, hear stories and play games. There is a mandatory “wait list” for Cubbies, contact Awana Commander Pamela Ketchum for info or to add your child to the wait list.

Sparks: FBC worship center, Tuesday 6:30-8:15pm. Must be 5 by August 31st of the current year, Grades K-2. These Clubbers singing, crazy games, continued Bible Memorization and Christ Centric Bible stories.  Club will be considerably different this year as there will no longer be ANY independent study. ALL clubbers will work in the Sparkie book corresponding to their age/grade together with others in the same book, working on one unit each week. We believe these changes will help EVERY child to better enjoy the club year and finish the book requirements.

T&T: C-building, Grades 3-6 (right side of the church, upper level) Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30 PM. Emphasizes basic Biblical doctrine, serious Bible Memorization and in depth, (age appropriate) Bible teaching. Huge Games, candy rewards, and sometimes, more candy. (We do have non-candy items.) This will be a watershed club year! AWANA is no longer emphasizing independent study, and as with Sparks, ALL clubbers will work together in the same book at the same time, one unit each week. Our leadership is very excited to see this implemented in our T&T club.  

Grand Prix Race! Cutout; Saturday, TBD

Grand Prix Races; Saturday, TBD.  All Clubbers and Family Members are WELCOME to participate in this family event. 

Pamela Ketchum, AWANA Commander 4 Family Bible Church.  Served Awana at FBC since 1997, becoming Commander in 2005. I believe in active Bible Memorization and Bible Reading. (I cannot ask my clubbers to do what I myself am unwilling to do.) Member of FBC, also participating on the worship team. As CO of AWANA, I spend the budget money, buy candy, tell the Sparks stories, help teach the Journey Clubbers and explain why I spent all the budget money. Our Leaders and Directors run our club and are our most valuable assets, and I just make sure they are happy and have whatever they need. I’m also a Navy wife, mother of two (adults) and grandmother to One Amazing Boy!

Call Me. 360-929-2135. I. Absolutely. Return. Phone calls!!

Tina King, Assistant to the Commander. This is the Lady who makes the CO look gooood!! She has worked in the FBC AWANA program for eight years, becoming the CO assistant some three years ago. Need Something?? Call Tina! Have a question?? Call Tina! This is the gal who knows how much Sparkie Jewels cost PER CHILD!!  Home: 360-240-1451