Sermons in: Responding To Jesus Matt 11 13

Dec 06, 2020
Implicit Bias

We do not have to be controlled by negative biases!

Nov 29, 2020
Kingdom Promise

Accepting the Kingdom promise is the Sleep Well At Night (S.W.A.N.)...

Nov 22, 2020
Kingdom Treasure

Today’s Kingdom living is worth whatever it costs!!!

Nov 15, 2020
Kingdom Growth

He [Jesus] wants us to live in the here and now guided by our knowledge...

Nov 08, 2020
Kingdom Overview

This parable is a general overview of the fact of the mixture of good...

Oct 25, 2020
Hiding the Truth?

Parables are a means to giving more truth to the sincere and obscuring...

Oct 04, 2020
Something Greater

We do not just take a leap of faith; we have something greater for the...