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Choose Glad

Posted by Ron Lawler on
Whether we like it or not, and honestly, we don’t, life is often unkind, unfair, and it is unpredictable. So, what are we going to do about it?
We know that it is better to choose wisdom and prudence than selfishness and folly. Usually, the wise and prudent choices will result in positive and rewarding outcomes. There are those times when inspite of our best efforts, things still go very wrong. Rather than prosper, the honest are cheated. Instead of security, the careful are harmed. Wise choices are gobbled up by loss. Again I ask, what do we do about it?
Of course, we do the best we can, but the big decision is what impact we let it have on us. Our finger is on the switch that chooses either happiness or anger. As things go wrong, we can get bitter, or we can search the rubble of our disappointment uncovering little treasures and celebrate those finds.
An ancient sage, who had just observed the inequities of life, advised to take whatever is left after disappointment and toast the gift of life. We decide to choose to celebrate or grieve. Simply put, Whatever befalls us, eat and drink and be glad.” (Ecclesiastes 8:14-15) Take the time and effort to laugh, by yourself and with friends.

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