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Summer Book Clubs (WOW) are Back!

This year’s book is Hearts of Fire from Voice of Martyrs

Hearts of Fire is the stories of eight women who, despite unthinkable circumstances, have shown incredible courage, conviction, and love for Jesus Christ and His church.  In the harshest settings, they have become leaders who exercised extraordinary boldness and tenacity, refusing to shrink from the needs and opportunities that confronted them…It is our prayer that you come away from reading Hearts of Fire with a deeper faith and steadier direction for handling life’s difficulties.  If you are only amazed at these incredible testimonies, we have failed.  If you can find in your own life similarities with one or more of these testimonies, and if you can gain strength from these examples of extraordinary courage, we have succeeded…When we first undertook this project we planned to include a short devotional thought at the conclusion of each chapter.  However, after compiling the stories, we realized none were needed.  Embedded with each testimony are precious gems of faith and fortitude.  We trust these qualities will kindle a spark in your own life as you experience Hearts of Fire.”             
----The Voice of the Martyrs

Summer Book Club meets at three different times/places for your convenience:
Wednesday mornings—9:30-11:30 (June 19 to Aug. 14) at Family Bible Church in room B3 Childcare is available for $6/child $10/family (paid weekly)
Wednesday evenings—6:30-8:30 (June 19 to Aug. 14) at the home of Nancy Condilff, 1267 E. Noel Greene Dr., 360-670-0710.  Sorry no childcare for this club
Thursday evenings—6:30-8-30 (June 20 to Aug. 15) at the home of Edie Silvey, 1084 SW 4th Avenue, 360-679-9249.  Sorry no childcare for this club

You can sign-up and purchase the book ($12) on Sundays June 9th and June 16th in the lobby of Family Bible Church after all three services.  You may also call Stephanie Burt with questions, or for more information 310-435-7319.

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