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Something Greater

Posted by Ron Lawler on
This Sunday, doing our best to follow all the safety protocols, we will begin gathering in-person again. Knowing that all will not, a number can not, and some should not come to an in-person gathering, we will continue to pre-record our service and post them online until full opening and our return to the new normal. After that, we will record and place the sermon online after Sunday. Since we will be reopening for an in-person meeting, this will be my last CV19Daily.
This morning, our Tuesday 6:00 am men’s Bible study, via Zoom, focused on Matthew 12. Three times in that chapter, Jesus told his audience that “something greater” was here. In verse 6, he explained that something greater than the Sabbath was here. In verse 41, something greater than Jonah’s ministry to Nineveh was here. And finally, in verse 42, something greater than God’s provision of wisdom to Solomon was here. To what was he referring? He was referring to himself as the promised Messiah.
With riots and pandemic all around us, we must not forget that Jesus is greater than all our problems! He is greater than all our sins! He is greater than all our needs! Gazing too long at the media can cause our grasp of the surpassing greatness of Jesus to fade. Read and watch the media long enough to have an adequate grasp of current events, then turn your eyes to the one greater than everything else, Jesus!
Thank you to all who have read these postings!!! God bless!!!

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