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Power of Perspective

Posted by Ron Lawler on
We are all anxious to get back to normal. We were suddenly confined to our homes and this restricted lifestyle. The feeling is that we should just as suddenly be freed from our confinement. The many unanswered questions gnawing at our minds is an excellent reason to move with caution.
Thankfully, here on our lovely island, we have not had the massive numbers of COVID 19 casualties experienced in so many places around the world. Let’s help keep it that way by being cautious.
My wife pointed me to an excellent article about reopening by the Gospel Coalition. I’m posting a small portion. The link for the whole piece is below.
“Patience is one of the rarest virtues in today’s insta-everything world. And yet patience has rarely been more needed, as many of us are antsy to break free of “stay home” isolation and get back to normalcy as soon as possible. To be sure, it is good and right to be eager to gather again as churches. We should take Hebrews 10:25 seriously when it says we ought not neglect meeting together. We should feel the ache of what is lost when we only meet virtually, and every Christian should long for the day when “church on Zoom” gives way to “church in a room.” That day will come. But we should be careful to not rush it. We should be careful to not go faster than governments allow, or faster than those in our community can understand. We should be patient with a timeline that might be slower than we’d prefer; patient with a reopening process that will doubtless be clunky; patient with leaders feeling the pressure of this complex situation; and patient with one another as we figure out the new normal. Those who are not comfortable with physical gatherings should be patient with those who are, and vice versa. As hard as it will be to practice patience, remember that in the scheme of eternity this season—whether it’s months long or years—will be but a blip.”

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